Good Neighbor Vet

Your Pacific Northwest Veterinarian

Good Neighbor Vet proudly serves Oregon and Washington. We take pride in providing our patients with the best care, doing everything in our hands for the health and safety of your four-legged friends. We work to make sure your pet is the healthiest they can be, and to reciprocate the unconditional love they give to us. 
Pets should remain out of the service line until they see the veterinarian

What your neighbors say about us

Owners trust us, Pets love us.
Excellent service... very caring veterinarian... and staff..
Tamara Lattion
Kind and efficient excellent prices.
Tonya Z
If you go to one of their clinics, make sure you go there early. Great service the staff is very caring and they are very knowledgeable. I highly recommend them.
Chrys Tea
They are really great with our toy poodle puppy. They always answer all the questions we have and offer great advice.
Carrie, Quite Contrary
Fast and efficient way to get inexpensive, no- frills vaccinations, meds are also discounted.
Alberto Froylan
Friendly and excellent service!!!